1967 Arizona Helicopters Job Advert

We Were Hiring Helicopter Technicians In 1967 & We Still Are Today

PHOENIX, Ariz., (March 18, 2014) - Going through old newspaper articles recently we found one of our old job adverts from Saturday March 18, 1967 in the Arizona Republic newspaper.

The ad is pretty simple, stating “AIRCRAFT MECHANIC Must have FAA airframe & power plant rating, interested in learning helicopter overhaul & maintenance.”

There are some other interesting job ads on the same page including one for a Xerox Operator and another for a Computer Programmer with experience in COBOL.

While our old job ad is simple, to the point, 47 years old, and the company name has changed from Arizona Helicopters to Air Services Int’l. it still holds true for us today. Air Services is still recruiting A&P technicians for Rolls-Royce M250 engine services and Bell Helicopter components. Check out our careers page (click here) for the latest opportunities.

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